The PTS spectrum auction in the 2.6 GHz band has been concluded – total amount SEK 2.1 billions


The PTS spectrum auction in the 2.6 GHz band has been concluded. Five bidders have won licenses for the total amount of SEK 2,099,450,000. 

PTS’ second spectrum auction over the Internet, that comprised 190 MHz (14 FDD and 1 TDD frequency blocks), has now been concluded after 16 days of bidding and 112 bidding rounds. The total amount for all assigned licenses is SEK 2,099,450,000 (approximately EUR 226 millions). The money will go to the treasury. Also, winning bidders are to pay an administrative charge to PTS of SEK 25,000 per MHz.

PTS has today announced a decision on the assignment of licenses to the winning bidders. The term of the licenses is 15 years.

Five bidders have participated in the auction. They have won licenses as follows:


Bandwidth MHz

Auction proceeds SEK

HI3G Access AB

2x10 MHz FDD


Intel Capital Corporation

50 MHz TDD


Tele2 Sverige AB

2x20 MHz FDD


Telenor Sverige AB

2x20 MHz FDD


TeliaSonera Mobile Networks AB

2x20 MHz FDD


The licenses in the 2.6 GHz band are technology and service neutral and may be used for, e.g., mobile telephony or wireless broadband.

Dr Marianne Treschow, Director General of PTS:
- The use of mobile broadband services has increased dramatically during the last few years. By making the frequencies in the 2.6 GHz band available to market players, PTS provides opportunities for end-users to gain access to high capacity mobile communications services. The licenses are technology and service neutral, thus opening up for both further development of current wireless broadband networks and new networks with new technologies.

- The auction proceeds of SEK 2.1 billions proves that the frequencies are attractive and that radio spectrum has great value on today’s market.

Decision on the assignment of licenses


Further inquiries:
Dr Marianne Treschow, Director General, via PTS Press Service, +46 8 678 55 55

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