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Eight out of ten households and companies have access to fast broadband

Broadband expansion through fiber and mobile networks continues and in 2018, 81 per cent of all households and companies had access to broadband with 100 Mbit / s.

20 May 2019

700 MHz auction is closed – auction proceeds were 2,8 billion SEK

The PTS auction for licences in the 700 MHz band is finished after an auction in two stages.

11 December 2018

Stage 1 in the 700 MHz auction has concluded

Telia Sverige AB and Net4Mobility HB are the winning bidders after stage 1 of the auction in the 700 MHz band.

10 December 2018

The way forward after court ruling on the termination of calls originating outside the EU/EEA

The Administrative Court has granted Hi3G’s (Tre) appeal regarding a maximum price for the termination of calls from outside the EU/EEA.

10 December 2018

The PTS auction of spectrum in the 700 MHz band starts today

Follow the progress of the auction at PTS website, at the end of each day.

4 December 2018

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