PTS Spectrum Strategy


Draft Summary

PTS' (the Swedish National Post and Telecom Authority) spectrum strategy is a tool that the Authority will use in its work with spectrum planning and licencing. The purpose of the strategy is to describe the principles for achieving PTS' vision for its spectrum management. The vision is:

To maximise the long-term societal benefit of radio spectrum in Sweden.

A long-term strategy shall contribute to ensuring that the radio spectrum is sufficient for the needs of society, today and in the future.

PTS makes decisions on spectrum management in accordance with the objectives and rules decided by the EU, the Swedish Parliament and the Swedish Government. With the spectrum strategy, PTS wants to clarify the aims of the spectrum management and the principles that guide the Authority's priorities.

It is important to regard the spectrum strategy and its main principles as a unified whole, as the various main principles are intended to reinforce and balance each other. Thus, individual principles shall not be implemented without taking the other principles in the strategy into account.

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