Director-General, Dan Sjöblom

Deputy Director-General, Catarina Wretman

Office of the Director General, Annika Viksten

International Affairs, Ola Bergström

Market Development Division

Björn Blondell

Digitalisation Department, Åsa Möller

  • Section for Digitalisation of Society
  • Section for Postal Affairs
  • Section for Broadband Collaboration

Analysis Department, Kristian Viidas

  • Section for Market Analysis and Statistics
  • Section for Economic Analysis
  • Section for Spectrum Analysis

Market Regulation Department, Johan Holgersson

  • Section for Supervision and Dispute Resolution
  • Section for Regulation of Broadband Infrastructure
  • Section for Electronic Communication Services
  • Section for Consumer Rights

National Requirements Division

Catarina Wretman

Resource Management Department, Jonas Wessel

  • Section for Spectrum Development
  • Section for Spectrum Licensing
  • Section for Spectrum Supervision
  • Section for Numbering and Addressing
  • Section for Missing Letters

Secure Communications Department, Patrik Bystedt

  • Section for Robust Communications
  • Section for Readiness
  • Section for Digital and Trust Services
  • Section for Secure Communications Services
  • Section for Protective Security

Operational Support Division

Tove Friberg

Finance Department, Annika Leander

  • Section for Procurement
  • Section for Finance and Controlling
  • Section for Facilities and Archives

Communications Department, Kerstin Karlsson

  • Section of communications

Legal Affairs Department, Karolina Asp

  • Section for Rules and Regulation
  • Section for Appeals and Dispute Resolution

Human Resources Department, Åsa Stål

Operational Development Department, Håkan Nyberg

  • Section for Process Development
  • Section for IT Development
  • Section for IT Operations