SMP - Market reviews

One of PTS's activities is to decide on rules for market players in order to enhance competition.

The European Commission has decided that PTS and other European regulatory authorities must draw up decisions concerning the obligations that operators with significant market power must comply with.

These decisions are sometimes referred to as 'SMP decisions'. The abbreviation 'SMP' stands for 'Significant Market Power' and refers to undertakings with significant market influence; that is, the undertaking has a dominant position in the market. Sometimes, these decisions are referred to as 'obligations for ex ante regulation' as the market is regulated in advance.

SMP decisions define the rules in the electronic communications market to ensure long-term competition. Work to identify these operators and impose these obligations is PTS's strongest tool for increasing competition in the electronic communications market.


February 19, 2015: PTS’s decisions for the markets for

February 2, 2015: Commission Decision

October 24, 2013: PTS’s decisions for the markets for

June 10, 2013: PTS’s decisions for the markets for