PTS initiates public consultation regarding the market analysis of the wholesale market 3a


The Swedish Post- and Telecom Authority (PTS) has concluded its market analysis for market 3a (wholesale local access) and is now inviting the market and other concerned parties to submit comments on the preliminary conclusions.

Proposed continued regulation of market 3a

PTS concludes that copper and fibre in a forward-looking perspective are no longer on the same relevant product market, leading to the conclusion of two relevant product markets on retail level; broadband delivered over fibre and cable and broadband delivered over copper. In the analysis of the wholesale market (market 3a), PTS finds two different product markets: local access to fibre-based networks and local access to copper-based networks. Both markets are presumed national in scope. PTS analysis shows that Telia has such economical position on both submarkets justifying the continued national regulation of market 3a. The conditions of competition are not significantly different to merit another geographical dimension than national.

According to PTS extended analysis, the differences earlier observed in the market (leading to the preliminary findings that local access to fibre-based networks for single respectively multi dwelling units, could constitute two separate product markets) are not sufficiently significant to justify such a conclusion of different products markets on wholesale level. Differences observed are more evident on retail level and PTS therefore now proposes that local access over fibre to single respectively multi dwelling units constitute different product markets on retail level, only.

Market 3b remains unregulated

Regarding the market for wholesale central access (market 3b), PTS concludes that the competitive situation is still good and that a regulation on market 3a would be enough to ensure effective competition on the retail market. Consequently, PTS find no reasons to come to a different conclusion than that market 3b should remain unregulated.

"During the latest market analysis of these wholesale markets, PTS has gradually reduced the regulatory burden. The positive development for the consumers is confirming that Sweden is on the right track towards competitive markets and it is important that the regulation continue to promote this" says Rikard Englund, Head of the Competition Department at PTS.

Public consultation

PTS is now inviting the market and other concerned parties to submit comments on the draft decisions. PTS is asking for comments no later than the 7th of September. After a second public consultation (consulting complete draft decisions including remedies), the final decisions will be settled by the PTS board of directors, expected during the first quarter of 2019.

Please find all relevant documents (only in Swedish) here

Invitation to hearing

A hearing (including a webinairium) will take place on the 30th of August in relation to this public consultation. The purpose of the hearing is primarily to give concerned parties the possibility to ask any question in relation to market 3a and 3b.

For any further information, please contact:
PTS Press Office, +46 8-678 55 55