The PTS auction of spectrum in the 700 MHz band starts today


Today the auction to assign licences for the use of radio transmitters in the 700 MHz band starts. Follow the progress of the auction at PTS website, at the end of each day.

PTS is now assigning the 700 MHz band, which is attractive for increasing capacity for mobile broadband services.

The licences are technology and service neutral, which means that the licence holder can choose which technology and area of application that will be used within the band.

In total, the auction comprises 60 MHz, divided into seven licences; two licences with 10 MHz (2 × 5 MHz) and one licence with 20 MHz (2 × 10 MHz) in the part of the frequency band offering both uplink and downlink communication, four licences with each 5 MHz is available in the downlink only part of the band.

The minimum bid in the auction is SEK 50 million per 5 MHz, which adds up to a total minimum bid of SEK 600 million for all seven licences in the auction.

PTS has decided on a spectrum cap of 40 MHz to ensure that there will be at least two licence holders in the 700 MHz band.

Follow the auction at

The first stage of the auction consists of a simultaneous multi-round auction, deciding how many frequency blocks in the different parts of the band each bidder wins. The following stage decides the placement in the band.

After each concluded auction day, PTS will publish information on the total sum of the standing high bids at

PTS considers that the auction will take approximately two to ten working days, but it may take longer. For confidentiality reasons, names of bidders will not be published until the first phase of the auction is concluded.

For more information:

Karoline Boström, head of spectrum licensing section, +46 (0)73-644 56 20

The PTS Press Office, +46 (0)8 678 55 55

Read more in English about the auction design, rules and conditions, etc.