Application forms

Application documents for licences to use radio transmitters for land mobile radio and earth stations are available here.

In order for PTS to be able to grant a licence various details are required concerning the operation to which the application relates. The application shall be properly completed and signed by an authorised signatory.

If an application relates to a fixed located station, a map shall be attached with the site of the antennae marked.

If any application details are incomplete we will have to request supplementary information, which may result in the matter being delayed.

Application form for:

Temporary Fixed Radio Licence Application 

Temporary Radio Licence Application /Special events 

Transmitting satellite earth stations

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) issues license for the uplink, i.e. the transmission from earth station to satellite. In case there is an associated downlink, i.e. if the earth station will also receive transmissions from satellite, PTS request information about the frequency(s) as part of the processing. However, these are not specified in the permit and do not form part of it.

Anyone who wishes to apply for a license to use radio transmitters in an earth station must attach to the application a certificate that all transmissions to satellites have been approved by the satellite operator.
If the applicant is represented by an representative, a power of attorney is also needed that shows that the representative is authorized to represent the applicant.

The application is sent to

Please note that there is an exemption from license obligation for certain transmitting land earth stations (such as certain SNG applications) in the frequency bands 14–14.5 GHz and 29.5–30 GHz - more information, pdf, new window

More standard forms are available in Swedish here. For assistance with this, please contact PTS, +4686785500.