Mobile telephony abroad – or so-called roaming

To be able to use your mobile abroad, i.e. to roam, you must have a mobile phone contract or prepaid SIM card that allows you to connect up to other international networks.

Mobile network operators are not legally obliged to offer roaming. Hence, it is important that you find out what applies to your mobile phone contract or prepaid SIM card before you go abroad. Special rules for roaming apply throughout the EU as well as in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Prices may vary from country to country and depending on which network you connect to. You are charged for calls you make and calls you receive. You are also charged for texts that you send but not for texts you receive. When surfing the Internet, you only pay for the amount of data used.

The EU roaming regulations aims in the long term to eliminate all extra charges incurred when using your mobile within the EU.

When entering another EU country, you should receive a text message with personalised price information in the currency in which you are usually billed by your service provider.

Your mobile service provider should also notify you with an automated message, such as a text message, when you are using data in another EU country or outside of the EU. The message should provide basic personalised details of prices and relevant mobile charges.