Remiss - förslag till allmänt råd om information om tjänstekvalitet Del 1



The goal of the electronic communications sector is that private individuals, legal entities and authorities should have access to efficient, affordable and secure electronic communications. In order to increase the consumers' opportunities of choosing service providers based on both price and quality, the National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) intends to provide comparable information on quality together with the information on prices that the authority publishes on the site Telepriskollen.1

PTS has issued the following General Advice about the service quality information that service providers should be obliged to provide to the authority in accordance with Chapter 8, Section 1, first paragraph, second item of the Electronic Communications Act (2003:389). This means that service providers are under an obligation to provide PTS with documentation regarding quality information. With the aim of clarifying the information that PTS considers ought to be covered by this regulatory obligation, PTS states that the following parameters – which may be applicable to the respective services – should be included: emergency calls, customer service, information about faults, mobile coverage, text telephony and videotelephony. These parameters were selected following discussion and verification at a workshop, to which service providers had been invited, and following the circulation of a revised proposal for consultation.

As regards information about service quality, service providers report such information for each service (product) in line with the rules applicable for information about prices in Telepriskollen. The same web interface that is used for reporting prices to Telepriskollen is used for the reporting itself. A summary is provided below of points regarding the expected impact on costs and other consequences, together with the effects on the conditions for small businesses:

Consumers are affected because transparency within the telecommunications sector will increase and it will become easier for the consumer to make rational choices in respect of both price and quality.

Service providers are affected, as reporting service quality parameters results in costs in the form of time. Furthermore, there may be costs for producing information that is missing.

Service providers are given incentives to report information because Telepriskollen constitutes a marketing channel. However, this presupposes that the service provider considers the alternative cost of reporting information to Telepriskollen to be lower than for other marketing channels.

PTS does not consider that the introduction of the General Advice as such would distort competition between service providers. Most service providers already currently report this information, or parts of it, and it is 1 On Telepriskollen (, prices are compared for fixed telephony, mobile telephony and the Internet. PTS and the Swedish Consumer Agency (KOV) sponsor Telepriskollen. therefore considered that the consequences for both small and medium service providers will be limited.