Proposed changes for allocation and reservation of Mobile Network Codes (MNC)


The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) are planning to make changes in the numbering plan for Mobile Network Codes (MNC). The proposal is to allocate and reserve MNCs for:

  • MNC 66 and MNC 67 allocated for shared use for closed networks (for example DECT-replacement).
  • MNC 68 allocated for test purpose.
  • MNC 69 allocated for disaster relief activities (KRISNET) – handled by PTS.
  • MNC 70 – MNC 99 will be reserved for future use.

If You wish to comment on the draft decision of changes in the numbering plan for MNCs, your written statement should be submitted to PTS no later than January 21 2013. Send your statement to

The decision that are on consultation can be found here (in Swedish).