Efforts of PTS relation to the coronavirus (covid-19)

Post and Telephone Authority (PTS) has a crisis team actively working to monitor and handle events relating to the spread of coronavirus infections.

The crisis team compiles status reports to aid operations of the PTS and the areas for which the PTS is responsible (i.e. the postal sector and the electronic communications sector), as well as provides the information needed by other stakeholders, such as The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

The PTS maintains ongoing contact with the stakeholders of these various sectors, in order to get an updated picture of the present situation. In addition, the PTS cooperates with other entities in order to handle direct and indirect consequences of the coronavirus.

Effects on the electronic communications sector and the postal sector

PTS continuously monitors how our sectors are being affected by events. the National Telecommunications Coordination Group (NTSG), in which PTS is represented, holds regular meetings in order to coordinate the challenges and the requirements of the telecommunications sector. The PTS also continuously collects information from the major postal service operators. Status reports are accessible in Swedish.

Broadband capacity in light of increased remote working

Swedish broadband capacity is generally excellent, and satisfies the needs of remote working using digital tools. We refer problems regarding local capacity and any service disruptions that may occur in a given locality to the local operator or network owner.

The importance of using the Ledningskollen coordination function in excavation work

With more people working from home and relying on well-functioning internet connections, it is now more important than ever to ensure that excavation work does not damage cables and pipes, and thus cause service disruptions.

Read more about how the Ledningskollen service enables communication between the owners of cables, pipes and other infrastructure and people who want to know where these are located.