The Swedish EU Presidency

Sweden was the EU president between July 1st and December 31st 2009.

During this period, PTS was working with the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications in order for EU to achieve results on important dossiers in the electronic communications field. This included inter alia

  • final agreement on revised Directives on electronic communications (the "telecoms package")
  • the EU's ICT policy agenda post-"i2010" 
  • agreeing on how the radio frequencies which are freed up as a result of the switch from analogue to digital terrestrial TV – "the digital dividend" – are to be used in the EU
  • how the EU's Member States should cooperate in order to secure a resilient Internet
  • how the Internet should be governed in the future and what role the EU should play in this regard. 

Two conferences

The Swedish EU presidency held two important conferences in this field:

  • Stockholm, November 5: Resilient Electronic Communications – a Multistakeholder Challenge, PTS conference on a secure and robust Internet in the EU (
  • Visby, November 9-10: Creating Impact for an eUnion 2015, conference on the EU's future ICT policy agenda. A consultancy study available in September will provide discussion material.

The Baltic Sea perspective

The Baltic Sea perspective was a general priority for the Swedish presidency. In the framework of the EU’s Baltic Sea strategy PTS took responsibility for the action point concerning coordination of the use of the digital dividend around the Baltic Sea. 

More information

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