Total Defence

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) ensures that electronic communication and postal service sectors can support the Swedish armed forces and civilian society in the event of heightened readiness or war.

Together with actors in these sectors, PTS identifies and implements measures to meet society’s needs for electronic communication and post.

Electronic communications are a basic function for the running of today’s society. PTS works to guarantee that vital social services have access to electronic communication and postal services, so that they can continue to operate as necessary during periods of heightened readiness. PTS also works with preventative measures that benefit society during peacetime.

PTS plans total defence operations in collaboration with various sectors, the Swedish Armed Forces and government agencies, both regional and central. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) is responsible for coordinating planning at the central level. MSB also represents civil defence in regards to the balancing of civilian and military needs of society’s resources.

PTS assumes special responsibility prior to and during heightened readiness

Together with other government agencies, PTS oversees heightened readiness as per the Regulations for Emergency Preparedness/Förordningen om krisberedskap (2015:1052) and the Regulations for Total Defence and Heightened Alert/Förordningen om totalförsvar (2015:1053). The regulations stipulate that the agency must take total defence into account and plan for the continuation of operations in the event of heightened readiness.

The purpose of civil defence is to:

  • protect the population
  • safeguard the most important social services and
  • contribute to the Swedish Armed Forces’ capacity in a military attack or war in our region.

Work to consolidate total defence capacity is long-term. PTS is working with the following areas:

  • Regulations and supervision
  • Measures to increase robustness
  • Training and exercises
  • Collaborations with other actors and authorities