Hur påverkas mottagarna av varannandagsutdelning? - PTS-ER-2020-29

About the report

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) is tasked with analysing and describing developments in the postal market and monitoring that postal services meet society’s needs. The Authority therefore regularly conducts studies with the aim of increasing the knowledge of users’ needs for postal services and to ensure that the universal postal service meets society’s needs over time.

In May 2020, Postnord announced that they would pilot a new production model in Lund and Kävlinge between the 28th of September and the 27th of November 2020. Postnord announced that, in practice, the production model would mean that letters with normal postage would be delivered every other day, with certain exceptions. On the 8th of May, PTS began an inspection of Postnord’s pilot with the aim of ensuring that the operator, prior to and during the test, continued to meet the Postal Services Act's requirements on reliability in postal operations and the requirement on delivery time in the Postal Services Ordinance.

As part of the Authority’s ongoing regulatory supervision, PTS also decided to commission a quantitative study of the consequences of the new production model on the recipients in the pilot area. The research firm Point AB was commissioned to conduct 1200 phone interviews with a random selection of private individuals and sole proprietors aged 18+ in the pilot area.