Swedish Postal Market 2022

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) is responsible for the monitoring, analysis and reporting on the development of the postal market

Our annual analysis – Swedish Postal Market – is an important document for anyone interested in understanding how the market has changed. The report provides the reader with a good overall picture of both the development work carried out by the market actors and PTS's work with regulation, monitoring and supervision in this area. PTS's analysis of how the letter and parcel markets are developing in terms of volumes, turnover and the competitive situation is an important part of the Authority's monitoring.

There are a number of environmental, economic and social initiatives underway to improve the sustainability of the postal market. These includes shifts to sustainable supply options. In this year's report, PTS has therefore focused on sustainability aspects in order to provide a picture of the important work being done both internationally and nationally for the sustainable development and transformation of the postal market.