Robust fiber

Our reliance on broadband services is on the increase throughout society. The fiber infrastructure currently being built will be essential for society for many years to come. We therefore must make sure it is robust, reliable and is installed cost-efficiently.

Robust fiber is an industry-wide concept, aiming to provide clear guidelines for companies that plan to build or procure robust and reliable fiber networks. The guidelines lay down the minimum requirements to be applied when planning, engineering, installing or documenting fiber networks.

The instructions provided in Robust fiber are available in both Swedish and English.

The instructions act as a check-list for the person planning or ordering a network. There are also clear descriptions for contractors building fiber networks on the best methods of installing the network.

The concept also targets an increased level of expertise on robust fiber laying for companies in the industry. It therefore provides opportunities for companies to certify their operations, and for surveyors and employees to take training.

Robust fiber has been developed in cooperation with PTS and other bodies in the industry – network owners, contractors, producers of construction machinery – and is operated via a Management Council with representatives from several bodies, including PTS.

At the Swedish Local Fiber Alliance's annual conference in 2018, Robust fiber was named “Local Fiber Promoter of the Year”.