Missing letters

Reporting missing letters

Do you miss a letter? It is possible that it has ended up at PTS.

Please first read this information about those mail items PTS takes charge of and those which are excluded, it will save you some valuable time when tracing your letter.

You find on the website an electronic form (only in Swedish) which you can fill in to report the missing letter.

Following mail items are archived by PTS because they are “undeliverable”:

  • Ordinary domestic letters with a weight not exceeding 2 kilos without address or with incomplete address
  • Returned mail items from abroad (i.e. letters sent from Sweden to other countries where it has not been possible to deliver the mail items to the addressee).

Following categories of mail items are not to be found at PTS:

  • Letters with the name of the sender on the envelope
  • Letters which have been sent from abroad
  • Objects which have fallen out from envelopes
  • Postcards or similar items without envelope or other kind of wrapping
  • Parcels.

If your mail item belongs to the category of items which are not the responsibility of PTS, please check with the postal operator in charge of delivery. PostNord handles the majority of all mail items in Sweden and this link will lead you directly to the customer service of PostNord .

Remember that it may take some time before the postal operator hands over the undeliverable letters to PTS.

What does PTS do with the undeliverable letters?

According to the Postal Services Act, PTS shall take charge of those letters which a postal operator has not been able to deliver to the addressee.

It is the task of PTS to open undeliverable letters and to return them to the sender if the identity can be established with the aid of the contents. Sometimes PTS is able to identify the addressee by the contents of the item. However PTS does not try to find the receiver’s new address. That is the responsibility of the postal operator at the delivery office.

Letters which have been opened but where PTS has failed to identify the mailer are kept for either two months (surcharged letters) or four months (other letter items) after which they are destroyed.

Damaged contents or items containing printed matter, publicity material or similar items presumed to have no commercial value, are destroyed immediately.