A licence is normally required to use a radio transmitter. In Sweden it is the PTS that issues these licences.

Certain radio transmitters are exempted from the licence obligation, that is to say may be used without a licence. These transmitters are shown in PTS Regulations on exemptions from the licence obligation for certain radio transmitters. Examples include so-called private radio on 27 MHz and mobile telephones in the systems NMT, GSM, DCS and certain mobile satellite terminals together with small VSAT terminals.

According to the Electronic Communications Act, it is possible to apply for the transfer of a licence or part of a licence to use a radio transmitter.

From January 1 2020 the assessment of licence applications will take at least 2-3 weeks longer than before, due to amendments to the Electronic Communications Act. The Swedish Security Service and the Swedish Armed Forces will be involved in the assessment process. Please apply well in advance.  

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