Inland Waterways in Europe

When sailing under Swedish flag on the Inland Waterways in Europe it is mandatory to follow the regulations set forth in the document ”Regional Arrangement concerning the Radiotelephone Service on Inland Waterways, RAINWAT”.

This document is an agreement signed by a number of Administrations in Europe and is applicable to anybody travelling on the channels in the countries listed in the document.

The document can be downloaded here

The ATIS-Id mentioned in the document above applies to Swedish boats and is formed by adding the digit nine (“9”) in front of the MMSI-number before programming the ATIS-Id in the radio, i.e. the MMSI “265123456” will give an ATIS-Id of “9265123456”.

The Swedish VHF-license (“VHF Tillstånd”) entitles the licensee to carry more than one VHF-radio, including the ATIS-capable radio and AIS, on one license. The VHF-license is valid together with the radio operator's certificate, normally an SRC-certificate.

Other maritime radio transmitters, eg AIS and EPIRB, for which a license is required, shall be listed in the VHF-license document.

In Sweden, Nämnden för båtlivsutbildning, NFB, is granted the right to issue maritime radio operator certificates, i.e. SRC- and LRC.