Assignment in the 700 MHz band

PTS is planning an auction in the 700 MHz band in late 2018.

Consultation regarding assignment in the 700 MHz band

PTS intends to hold a spectrum auction for available frequencies in the 700 MHz band (694–790 MHz). This consultation provides stakeholders with the opportunity to submit their views at an early stage of the planned procedure.Comments are to be submitted in writing to no later than 23 February 2018.

View the consultation document.

PTS cancels the planned auction in the 700 MHz band

A decision by the government states that the frequencies 694-790 MHz will be available for broadcasting of terrestrial television until May 31 2018. This overturns the previous decision in 2014, stating that the frequencies should be available for other use than terrestrial television from April 1 2017. As the planned auction in the 700 MHz band comprises parts of this frequency range the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) today has decided to cancel the auction, that was due to start on December 1 2016.

PTS will resume working with how to assign the 700 MHz band when the conditions are cleared.

Press release from the government (Swedish)