Licences in 2500-2690 MHz

PTS will award licenses in the frequency band 2500-2690 MHz – an auction started on 14 April, 2008. The frequencies are, among other things, considered to be interesting for mobile telephony and broadband wireless access.

Auction concluded – total amount SEK 2.1 billions

The auction has been concluded. Five bidders applied to the auction. These have won licenses for the total amount of SEK 2,099,450,000 (approximately EUR 226 millions).

The following bidders won licenses in the auction (auction proceeds):

HI3G Access AB (SEK 296,600,000)
Intel Capital Corporation (SEK 159,250,000)
Tele2 Sverige AB (SEK 548,100,000)
Telenor Sverige AB (SEK 533,050,000)
TeliaSonera Mobile Networks AB (SEK 562,450,000)

Decision on the assignment of licenses