Radio amateurs

PTS has decided to exempt amateur radio transmitters from individual licensing.

The decision came into force on the 1 October 2004. The exemption from licensing is only valid for those who have a valid radio amateur certificate, issued or recognised by the Authority.

As a consequence of this, radio amateurs from 1 October 2004 do not need any individual license. Previously issued licenses and call sign are valid without any time limit. In the case a time limit is indicated it shall be disregarded.

Certificates issued after 1 October 2004 carry the assigned call sign. Hence, a Swedish radio amateur may have either a certificate issued after 1 October 2004 carrying the call sign, or a certificate and a licence issued prior to 1 October 2004.

Since 1 October 2004 the National Society of Radio Amateurs in Sweden (SSA) has the right to issue Amateur Radio Certificates including callsigns.

With regard to equivalence of Morse code requirements, previously issued certificates and licenses did include as follows:

  • Klass A (Class A) 16 WPM
  • Klass B (Class B) 12 WPM
  • Klass C (Class C) 8 WPM
  • CEPT 1 12 WPM
  • CEPT 2 N/A
  • Klass 1 (Class 1) 5 WPM

Questions regarding Swedish Radio Amateur Certificates and/or Licences should be addressed to [email protected] or SSA [email protected].