Spectrum Policy and Spectrum Orientation Plan

In the PTS Spectrum Policy long term goals, policy and guiding principles are presented. In the Spectrum Orientation Plan an inventory is made regarding current use and planned changes over the next years.


arrow PTS Spectrum Policy

The authority considers that spectrum should be administered in such a way that it provides the greatest possible level of use and social benefit, to the extent that this promotes innovation, the development of technology and a broader range of wireless-based services. A number of points have been formulated with the aim of achieving this, among others, that:

  • Licences to use radio transmitters should be as technology and service neutral as possible
  • When selection procedures are required, auctions should preferably be applied
  • Where there is little risk of harmful interference and there are no other impediments, licence exemption should be introduced

PTS Spectrum Policy

arrow PTS Spectrum Orientation Plan

This Spectrum Orientation Plan describes the current and planned use of different frequency bands in Sweden. The Plan also describes anticipated changes and licensing method. According to the principles of technology and service neutrality other uses are possible in most bands. The plan should be seen as an orientation and an overview, rather than an exhaustive list. It is non-binding and can and will change over time without notice. Technical conditions for license exempt spectrum is contained in the current version of PTS regulations concerning exemptions from the license obligation for certain radio transmitters.

PTS Spectrum Orientation Plan (pdf, new window)