EU regulations

Member States of the European Union are governed by EU regulations.

As a member of the EU, Sweden participates in EU legislative work together with the other Member States. EU collaboration involves certain areas of policy, such as trade policy, in addition to rules on the free mobility of goods and services.

Some EU rules take the form of regulations that apply to the undertakings, authorities and citizens of all Member States with immediate effect. Others are directives that have to be incorporated into Swedish legislation.

The European Commission website on eletronic communications

EU regulations on electronic communications

EU regulations on post

EU regulations on equipment

Other EU regulations

  • EUR-lex – all EU regulations on one website 


  • Explanatory Note on relevant product and service markets within the electronic communications sector susceptible to ex ante regulation in accordance with Directive 2002/21/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on a common regulatory framework for
    electronic communications networks and services.