National numbering and addressing plans

The Swedish numbering plan for telephony according to ITU-T Recommendation E. 164 (pdf)

Which operator does the number belong to?

Here you can find out which operator a telephone number belongs to.

Search in numbering plan

Here you can make various searches in the numbering plans.

Apply for numbering resources

Here you can apply for numbering resources or transfer and return numbering resources. (This service requires e-identification.)

User administration

As an administrator you can add, change or remove users representing your organization. (This service requires e-identification.)


For some of the e-services a  Swedish e-identification is required. If you are not able to get a Swedish e-identification you can still use the e-service by having a contact person with a Swedish e-identification. The contact person should register at PTS by using the forms at Notification of operators.
If you can't use the e-service to apply for numbers you can apply by filling in a form and send it to PTS. You find this form at Licence to use numbers.

Technical Plans.