Notification of operators

Following the entry into force of the Electronic Communication Act (2022:482), commercial suppliers of public communications networks and publicly available electronic communications services in Sweden are subject to an obligation to notify PTS before the operation commences. The regulation on notification can be found in chapter 2 of the Electronic Communication Act.

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arrow Withdrawal of notification / Denotification

If an operator ceases to perform activities according to the Swedish Electronic Communication Act this has to be admitted immediately to PTS. Please use the form for notification/ denotification or write a letter to PTS, Registrator, Box 6101, S-102 32  Stockholm. You may also send an e-mail to or with this information. Please be sure to Inform PTS that it concerns a withdrawal of notification, note the name of the company and the organization/ registration No. The letter must be signed by the owner, CEO or equivalent.

If PTS is unable to reach the company by e-mail or mail and it is obvious that the company has ceased to exist PTS may withdraw the notification ex officio.

arrow Who is subject to the notification obligation?

There is a notification obligation for:

  • a party who provides public communication networks of such a kind as are normally provided for in exchange for payment, and
  • a party who provides publicly available electronic communications services.

A public communications network is a system for the transmission of signals which is completely or mainly used to provide public electronic communications services.

A publicly available electronic communications service is a service that is normally provided in exchange for payment and which completely or mainly constitutes the transmission of signals within electronic communications networks.

For more information, see the guidelines for notification of operations that provide general information on the notification process and answers general questions.

arrow Operators notified or holding a license under the Telecommunication Act

Those who were notified or holding a license under the Telecommunication Act does not have to make a new notification. However, such operators are asked to submit an update of their notification due to the new categorisation used in the Electronic Communication Act.

Notified are also subject to an obligation to immediately give notice if the operation ceases (so-called de-notification). Send an ordinary letter to PTS that says that the notification shall be withdrawn.

Where it is clear that the activity has ceased and the Regulatory Authority has not been notified in writing of such cessation within a period of three months, the Regulatory Authority may establish ex officio that the activity has ceased to be provided.

arrow Who is not subject to the obligation to notify?

Networks that are only available to a limited group, f ex internal networks within an organisation, are not subject to notification. Transmission of signals for broadcasting of radio programmes or other activities as referred to in Chapter 1, Article 1, third paragraph of the Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression are not subject to notification.