Fees for operations

Fees for operators subjet to notification.

Those that carry out operations subject to notification must pay certain fees. The fees are specified in PTS´ fee instructions.

PTS´ operations are financed by fees from operators, companies and persons holding licenses which PTS supervise, such as licences for various radio-related permits.

The size of the fees depends on the revenue that the operator has submitted as fee-qualifying revenue. The fees are:

  • Annual fee for operators with obligation to notify.
  • Annual fee for financing measures against serious peacetime threats to and strains on electric communication, known as an emergency surcharge.
  • Annual fee for market control under Section 15 of the Radio Equipment Act (2016:392) (RED).
  • Annual fee for settlement of disputes and supervision under Chapter 5 Section 1 of the Act (2016:534) on measures for deployment of broadband networks.
  • In the first reported year, an administrative fee of SEK 1,000 is also charged.

The size of the fee is set annually in PTS' fee instructions.

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arrow What the fee is based on?

The fee is based on the revenue of the operations subject to notification. Annual revenue refers to the revenue in the last financial year for business subject to notification to Chapter 2, Section 1 of the Electronic Communications Act (2022:482) (LEK). The operator shall each year provide PTS with revenue information by submitting the data via "Svensk telemarknad", which PTS sends out in January each year.