Improved coordination is required for increased coverage


Everyone who lives and works and stays in Sweden should have access to adequate coverage and capacity of Internet services where ever they are. This is the opinion of the Swedish Broadband Forum's working group for mobile broadband across the country, which has just submitted its final report to the IT and Energy minister Anna-Karin Hatt.

The working group has, among others, identified the need of increased coordination between users, operators, and the public.

Today “Mobile Broadband Across the Country” a working group within the Broadband Forum handed over its final report to the Swedish Broadband Forum’s steering committee and its chair the IT and Energy minister Anna-Karin Hatt. The group has drawn up proposals for measures to increase access to Internet services via broadband across the whole country.

In the report, the working group established that access to services over the Internet is increasingly in demand not only where you live and work, but also in other places where people visit. This places new demands on the wireless broadband infrastructure in terms of coverage and capacity. It also requires the broadband infrastructure to be even more clearly addressed in plans for future development.

“Nowadays, we use the Internet via broadband not only at home or at work but also in other places, for example, on a train, in forestry or the ski trail. In order to produce sufficient capacity and coverage, the working group found that it is not just one problem that needs to be solved, or one provider that sits has solution.

Hence the need of improved coordination between those building the networks and those who are dependent on the infrastructure,” says Göran Marby Director-General of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS), chairman and participant in the Swedish Broadband Forum’s steering group.

Working group’s proposal

In the report, the working group outlined several proposals for measures that can contribute to the objectives of the broadband strategy being attained. The working group would particularly like to highlight four proposals, which in the short term are considered to have the greatest effect to increase the coverage and capacity of mobile Internet services:

  • Broadband coordinators should be appointed in all counties, regions and municipalities as well as a corresponding post at service providers to facilitate cooperation in the expansion of the wireless network.
  • The ambition that everyone who lives, works and stays in Sweden should have access to Internet services where ever they are, should be introduced into the Broadband Strategy for Sweden and the Digital Agenda for Sweden, which are strategies for broadband and IT policy in Sweden.
  • PTS should be commissioned to propose measures, through collaboration with stakeholders, to increase coverage and capacity indoors.
  • Municipalities should introduce plans for wireless broadband infrastructure into their planning processes earlier and clearer than today.

The working group’s final report contains more suggestions and also deals with areas such as permit times for spectrum, information to consumers, and support issues. All the proposals are based on facilitating the expansion of the wireless broadband infrastructure.

“We have met a lot of commitment and interest while compiling this report. Communication with users and stakeholders has been valuable and contributed to numerous proposals. It is our joint responsibility that everyone should have access to Internet services where you are, live and work,” says Göran Marby.

Read the working group’s report on the Swedish Broadband Forum’s website.

More information:
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About the working group

The working group “Mobile Broadband Across the Country” started its work in June 2013. The working group has comprised representatives from telephone operators, municipalities and trade organisations. Chairman of the group has been Göran Marby, Director-General of PTS.

About the Swedish Broadband Forum

The Swedish Broadband Forum is part of the Government's broadband strategy. The forum promotes collaboration regarding broadband expansion. Companies, agencies and organisations meet in the forum to work together to find solutions to increase the availability of broadband across the country. PTS has the Government's assignment to provide a secretariat for the Forum.

About the Government's broadband strategy

In November 2009, the Government decided on a broadband strategy for Sweden. The aim is that 90 per cent of Swedish households and companies should have access to broadband of at least 100 Mbit/s by 2020 and that all households and companies should have good possibilities to make use of electronic community services via broadband.