Data traffic for mobile phones continues to increase


The amount of mobile data is continuing to increase at a significant rate. The average monthly amount of data used for a private subscription is almost 4 GB. This is shown in ‘The Swedish Telecommunications Market – First Half-year 2016’, a report issued by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority.

Data traffic is continuing to increase in mobile networks. The volume of data transmitted increased to 295,000 TB during the first half of 2016, an increase of 31%. This increase has also exceeded 30% in previous years.

- Consumers are continuing to use more and more data on their mobile phones. This means that expectations for mobile network coverage and capacity continue to increase, ultimately suggesting a need for a more accessible radio spectrum that will enable networks to roll out in the future, explains Catarina Wretman, Acting Director-General of PTS.

The report, which is based on statistics collected by PTS from operators, indicates that the average monthly consumption for a private mobile telephone subscription was just under 4 GB. The largest increase (50%) was for mobile data traffic used via mobile phones (mobile call and data services). This was the first time that mobile data traffic used via mobile phones accounted for more data than subscriptions for mobile broadband as a stand-alone service via routers or dongles.

Other changes in the area of mobile subscriptions

  • Subscriptions using 4G have continued to increase and now account for two-thirds of total traffic.
  • The number of SMS sent has increased again after falling for several years.
  • Revenue from mobile subscriptions increased by 2%, as previously; it now amounts to SEK 14.9 billion.

High-speed broadband subscriptions continue to increase

Broadband subscriptions with speeds of 100 Mbps or more continue to increase. There are 1.7 million subscriptions with speeds of 100 Mbps or more, representing half of all fixed broadband subscriptions. Just over half of all fixed broadband subscriptions are fibre. Fibre has accounted for the highest growth in fixed broadband subscriptions in recent years.

Other developments

  • IPTV via fibre is now the largest digital television platform. Subscriptions via the terrestrial network decreased by 8 per cent, which is more than last year.
  • Fixed telephony continues to reduce. The number of IP-based telephony subscriptions has now also started to level out.

Further details available in the report

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