Invitation from PTS to the 700 MHz band auction

7/7/2016 4

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) will hold a spectrum auction to assign licences in the 700 MHz band. One of the objectives of the auction is to increase coverage where deficiencies currently exist. The auction is planned to start on 1 December 2016 and the deadline for applications by interested parties to participate is 1 November 2016.

The auction comprises 2 x 30 MHz, and there will be five licences to bid for (four licences of 2 x 5 MHz and one of 2 x 10 MHz). The latter licence is combined with a coverage requirement whereby the licence holder must build coverage for voice and broadband services where such services are not currently available and where consumers sometimes find themselves.

Urgent need for frequencies

The demand for wireless broadband has increased significantly in Sweden in recent years, with a consequential increase in the need for frequencies. The 700 MHz band is suitable for offering good surface coverage and for increasing broadband capacity throughout Sweden.

At least two stakeholders may be assigned frequencies

PTS has decided to employ a ‘spectrum cap’ to maintain a good competition situation, whereby the maximum that those participating in the auction may buy is 2 x 20 MHz. This guarantees a minimum of two licence holders in the band, but does not exclude more.

Any interference to television reception must be remedied

There is a risk of television reception being affected when the band starts to be used, as terrestrial television is broadcast in frequencies up to the 700 MHz band. For this reason PTS requires licence holders in the band to deal with and remedy any problems that may arise. PTS has a similar requirement for licence holders in the 800 MHz band, which has functioned well.

Auction in several rounds via the Internet

The auction will be held as a simultaneous multi-round auction (SMRA), including a right to switch, and is planned to start on 1 December 2016. The auction will be held using special software and conducted via the Internet. The format and applicable rules for the auction are described in the open invitation.

Application deadline is 1 November

Those wishing to apply to participate in the auction must submit an application to PTS no later than 1 November 2016. It is important for applications to be received on time and to include the information required by PTS.

Supporting information, including open invitation

PTS has also published a summary of the consultation feedback to the open invitation together with the Authority’s response. (in Swedish only)

For more information:
Karoline Boström, Head of Section, Spectrum Department, tel.: +46 (0)73-644 56 20
PTS Press Office, tel.: +46 (0)8-678 55 55

Facts about this assignment:

  • FDD band plan of 2 x 30 MHz in total: four licences of 2 x 5 MHz; one licence of 2 x 10 MHz
  • National licences
  • Licences are technology and service-neutral (with certain restrictions)
  • Term of licence: 1 April 2017 up to and including 31 December 2039
  • Spectrum cap: 2 x 20 MHz
  • Coverage requirement in the licence for 2 x 10 MHz (FDD5)