Thirteen winners in the thirteenth Innovation Competition held by PTS


The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) has picked thirteen winners in its thirteenth Innovation Competition. The theme was Bäst i branschen [Best in the business] and the winning projects will share funding of SEK 17.8 million.

For its thirteenth innovation competition, PTS requested projects that will contribute to the development of leading edge, accessible websites using information and communication technologies and an innovative approach. Our aim was to find solutions that would help websites to function better for all users. The winning projects will make things easier for everyone, regardless of functional capacity, but will work in particular for people with disabilities.

“We are happy to have received so many applications and to be able to support the exciting projects on which the final winners are working. Web-based solutions represent a large part of the digitalisation of society, and it is important for technology and design to consider the needs and capabilities of everyone,” comments Catarina Wretman, Acting Director-General at PTS. 

13 winners made it to the end 

There were 51 entries for our thirteenth innovation competition, which had the theme Bäst i branschen [Best in the business]. The thirteen that made it to the end and will receive funding from PTS are:

Aspergercenter, Rehabilitation & Health, Stockholm County Council, Stockholm
Web-based support for parents – a new kind of e-learning

Ayond, Stockholm
Tool to evaluate web accessibility

Diane Alarcon Kim Andreasson Advisory (DAKA), Varberg
Webbtillgänglighetskollan (Web accessibility checker - WTK):

Digital Interpretations Scandinavia, Stockholm
DigitalTolk – digital interpreter

Dramaski, Stockholm
TeckenPop – character pop

imCode Partner, Visby
Dialogportalen (dialogue portal) – digital inclusion & civil dialogue for everyone

Metamatrix, Stockholm
A web browser add-on that simulates the web

Onlinevet 247, Stockholm
FirstVet – Sweden’s most accessible veterinary clinic

Papereed, Spånga
Papereed Audio – audio solutions for everyone

Stelacon, Stockholm
Web tool for checking and producing accessible documents

Textomedia, Saltsjö-Boo
Funkify – simulate functional impairments on the web

Ungapped, Stockholm
Landing pages for everyone

Weld (DLEW Backwards), Stockholm
Webb- and appskapande för alla (creating websites and apps for everyone): a project to counteract digital exclusion

137 winners in six years

PTS has been assigned to work to improve accessibility and usability within electronic communications and postal services. One way in which we do this is by arranging PTS’s annual innovation competition. PTS has held thirteen competitions in total since its launch in 2010, providing funding of around SEK 181 million for 137 projects. Winners are also offered support in creating business models and with launches in addition to the prize funding.

Rigorous selection process with expert panel

First the competition is advertised, and then applicants have six weeks to submit their entries. After this PTS makes its first selection based on specific criteria, for example how the application relates to the theme and the concept of ‘Design for all’. Those allowed to proceed present their projects to PTS and a panel of experts comprising representatives from the business community, the public sector, research community, technology industry together with innovators and users. The applications chosen must then complete supporting documentation for a feasibility study. When PTS has evaluated the feasibility studies, a decision is made about which projects are to receive funding and be given the opportunity to improve the everyday lives of many people.