Innovation competetion for a more accessible labour market

3/2/2017 7

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority’s (PTS) new innovation competition will soon be under way, and the theme is “A labour market for all”. The competition is being organised in collaboration with Arbetsförmedlingen with the aim of producing digital solutions which give more people access to the labour market, regardless of their functional ability.

PTS and Arbetsförmedlingen want more people to gain employment and find themselves in a workplace where they are happy and can develop. This includes people with disabilities, such as impaired vision, hearing or cognitive abilities. Through PTS’s 14th innovation competition, companies and organisations have a chance to win up to SEK 2 million for each project which increases accessibility on the labour market.

“We believe that information and communications technology combined with innovative thinking and user focus can lead to solutions which make the labour market more accessible to everyone. We hope that together with Arbetsförmedlingen we can contribute to a labour market which more effectively utilises the competence and workforce of people with various levels of functional ability,” says Dan Sjöblom, Director-General of PTS.

Services which take advantage of the opportunities presented by digitalisation make things easier for jobseekers and employers alike. One solution which makes it easier for a person with a disability often helps many others at the same time. A simplified online form, for example, makes a big difference to people with cognitive disabilities, but probably makes matters easier and clearer for most other people too.

Digital solutions and services can contribute to the development of the labour market by:

- helping employers to see skills instead of obstacles
- showing jobseekers the job opportunities available
- making it easier for jobseekers to present their skills
- facilitating matching between persons with disabilities and employers
- making the actual workplaces more accessible to everyone

“There are a lot of innovators in the JobTech sector right now, and with support from our team at Arbetsförmedlingen I hope that some of them will come up with the digital solution of tomorrow; one which will allow us to take full advantage of the entire workforce potential,” says Erik Sandström, Director of Arbetsförmedlingen’s Digital Services department.

Each winner can receive up to SEK 2 million

The competition opens on 20 April 2017 and applications must be received by 15 June 2017 at the latest. Those who are selected will come and present their idea to an expert panel of representatives from industry, the public sector, academia, the technology sector, innovators and users. At the end of the year, a decision will be made regarding which projects will be granted funding.

More information:

Press and communications officer for the innovation competition, PTS:
Charlotte Aleman, telephone: +46 8-644 56 93, e-mail:

Press Officer, Arbetsförmedlingen:
Patrik Svensson, +46 10-487 01 42,
PTS contact telephone number for the innovation competition: +46 8-678 55 52

PTS has been commissioned to support the development of more and better communications solutions for persons with disabilities. Through PTS innovation competitions, companies and other organisations are able to apply for funding for service and product development and studies. Apart from the project financing of up to SEK 2 million per winning contribution, marketing and sales courses are offered. Since the first PTS innovation competition in 2010, over 130 projects have received support in their development.