PTS and Arbetsförmedlingen's innovation competition now open for applications


The application period is now open for the fourteenth Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) innovation competition, on the theme “A labour market for all”. This time, the competition is being organised in collaboration with Arbetsförmedlingen (Sweden´s Public Employment Agency) with the aim of producing digital solutions that increase access to a wider labour market.

Digital solutions can expand the labour market

Innovative solutions that make the most of the possibilities with digitalisation can make it easier for jobseekers and prospective employers. According to a report from Arbetsförmedlingen, approximately 16 per cent of the population aged between 16 and 64 state that they have some form of disability. Unemployment levels are higher amongst people with disabilities, and the degree of employment is lower than for the remainder of the population. Furthermore, one in three people with disabilities experiences discrimination in working life.
 “Every person has strengths and weaknesses. This competition aims to take advantage of the power and talents of everyone, regardless of functional ability. Digital technology helps to remove several obstacles which employers and jobseekers can experience with recruitment and employment,” says Anders Franzén, project manager for PTS innovation competition.

Financing, courses and expert help up for grabs

The competition opens on 20 April 2017, and applications must be received no later than 15 June 2017. In the autumn, those who will progress in the competition will present their idea to a group of experts, with representatives from industry, the public sector, research, technology branch and innovators and users. At the end of the year, the projects that will receive financing will be chosen and offered sales and marketing courses.

More information: PTS contact number for the innovation competition: +46 (0) 8 678 55 52

Press and communications officer for the innovation competition Charlotte Aleman, telephone: +46 (0) 8 678 56 93, e-mail:

Press officer Arbetsförmedlingen: Erika Stenvall, telephone +46 (0) 10 488 93 55, e-mail

PTS has been commissioned to support the development of more and better communications solutions for persons with disabilities. Through PTS innovation competitions, companies and other organisations are able to apply for funding for service and product development and studies. Apart from the project financing of up to SEK 2 million per winning contribution, marketing and sales courses are offered. Since the first PTS innovation competition in 2010, over 130 projects have received support in their development.