PTS finances an app aimed at simplifying subscription management


The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) is financing the continued development of Mina tjänster Sverige AB’s Mina Tjänster (“My Services”) app. PTS has three primary objectives in providing the financing: to improve the range of options provided by the app (for example, for persons with disabilities), to expand the app’s capacity to keep track of expenses, and to increase its ability to manage subscription services.

Mina Tjänster is a web and mobile-based app that helps private individuals to manage and keep track of their subscription services. Users can use the app to do everything from cancelling a movie and TV streaming service subscription to changing their electricity contract to finding a better mobile phone subscription. PTS is providing SEK 350,000 in financing for the project, with the stipulation that it also involve the development of better and more numerous communication solutions for persons with disabilities.

An automated service for better subscriptions

The idea behind the project is to create a system in which Mina Tjänster is authorized to represent the consumer when it comes to dealing with service providers, thereby allowing it to making changes to subscriptions and to carry out other types of common tasks. The project aims to develop an automated cancellation process that will allow scalability and facilitate effective management.  This, in turn, will give consumers better options when it comes to managing their finances, regardless of their personal circumstances or capabilities.

- “PTS works tirelessly to increase digital accessibility and to ensure that all consumers, including those with disabilities, can gain greater independence in their dealings with the telecoms market. We’re pleased to support a project that so completely aligns with that mission, and which has the potential to contribute to PTS’s efforts to prevent unprofessional and predatory sales practices and to support consumer rights within the telecoms market,” says Sara Andersson, Head of the Social Affairs Department, PTS.

A service that meets the needs of many

The project’s primary target group consists of individuals who are unable to use the customer service communication channels that currently exist, or who prefer not to do so. The project also aims to serve people with hearing impairments and/or speech impediments, for whom calling customer service to cancel a subscription can prove extremely challenging.

- “The model used by many leading telecoms companies in dealing with cancellation requests is not accessible to disabled people. Many consumers find the current models to be so difficult to navigate that they avoid the cancellation process altogether, and then end up paying the price when it comes to their finances,” elaborates Joakim Sjöblom, co-founder of Mina tjänster Sverige AB.

For more information, contact: Adam Rosén, the Division of Inclusive IT and Telecommunications, PTS, Tel: 073-640 58 49 The PTS Media Relations department, Tel: 08-678 55 55

For further information about Mina Tjänster, please contact: Joakim Sjöblom, co-founder, Mina Tjänster: 073 659 21 41