Significant variations in fixed-line broadband pricing


Swedish 100 Mbit/s fixed-line broadband is attractively priced from an international perspective. However, the prices vary significantly depending on the chosen business model. This is indicated in the Post and Telecom Authority's (PTS) report “Price developments for mobile telephony and broadband 2016”.

The cheapest nationally available offer for 100 Mbit/s fixed-line broadband was SEK 324 per month, which was the seventh cheapest offer among the 15 countries in the comparison. 

If local subscription offers were included, Sweden took second place with a subscription which cost SEK 200/month.

Collective sign-ups for broadband services, for example via a tenant-owners’ association, can also lower the price by as much as 50 per cent. However, these subscriptions often require 3-5 year commitment periods. Around 500,000 private subscriptions via fibre and cable TV networks are part of such collective deals.

Competitive prices for mobile services

Sweden has the second cheapest mobile subscription which includes at least 100 calls, 140 text messages and 2 Gbyte of data at SEK 145 per month. Among the 15 countries in the comparison, only Finland had a cheaper subscription of this type. Comparing the prices of Swedish mobile subscriptions shows that the cheapest offers have been lowered further between 2015 and 2016 in several data volume categories.

The prices per Gbyte and month also differ significantly among Swedish subscriptions. The cheapest option was a subscription with a large data volume (100 Gbyte) at SEK 5/Gbyte while the most expensive was a subscription which only included 1 Gbyte at SEK 229/Gbyte.

“It is very good that the Swedish prices for mobile telephony and broadband are competitive compared to the rest of the world and that we have a wide range of services on the market. Our price report also shows that there may be further savings to be made for consumers and property owners by actively reviewing subscriptions and agreements regularly, and avoiding long commitment periods,” says Dan Sjöblom, Director-General of PTS.

A summary of the report is available here


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PTS annually analyses price developments for private customers in the field of mobile telephony and broadband. The report is based on international price comparisons with a number of countries, and comparisons among Swedish subscriptions. The statistics can be found on the PTS statistics portal.