24 digital solutions that reduce exclusion and discrimination in the workplace


After a record number of applications to the National Post and Telecom Agency’s fourteenth innovation competition, the winners have been decided. “A labor market for everyone” was the theme of the competition, which was organized in collaboration with the Swedish Public Employment Agency. A total of 39.5 million SEK will be awarded to 24 winners, to help them make their ideas a reality.

“We are delighted to have received so many applications, and to have discovered the projects that we are financing. By combining digital technology, innovative ideas, and user focus, we believe that it is possible to increase the chances of employment for people who have not had access to the labor market in the past, or who are new to it - such as young people, newly arrived immigrants, and persons with disabilities,” says Dan Sjöblom, the Director General of theNational Post and Telecom Agency (PTS).

The winning projects all deal with implementing digital solutions and tools to offer job-seekers equal opportunities, regardless of prior knowledge and abilities. These innovations can make the labor market more accessible for everyone, which ultimately can also contribute to reducing discrimination and social exclusion in our society.

“The winning proposals can increase opportunities to enter the labor market for many people who may find it difficult to navigate the channels we have today. That's exactly what we want to work toward and focus on when it comes to our own digitization efforts,” explains Krister Åslin, a qualified case worker in the Swedish Public Employment Agency’s Vocational Rehabilitation department. Now begins the exciting work of developing the winning solutions, in collaboration with users and employers.

A focus on skills, VR, gamification, lifehacks, and video screening

Many of winning projects are solutions that focus on moving beyond the traditional CV-writing and recruitment processes. Tree of Pets uses video screening to give persons with cognitive disabilities a simpler and fairer way to job-hunt. Gleechi develops a Virtual Reality-based app that allows users to practice work steps in a safe and accessible way. By using personality tests that are designed according to an inclusive design that is suitable for all users, the innovators behind Wecompose hope to create non-discriminatory recruitment methods. Creador is a company that is developing an app for young people based on game logic similar to that used in Pokemon GO. Both Lernia and Lingio are developing solutions that help newcomers and immigrants to find work more quickly.

The winners include large companies, small entrepreneurs, nonprofits and a foundation

PTS and the Swedish Public Employment Agency evaluated a total of 134 applications, and a council of experts listened to a variety of presentations before determining the 24 winners. The winners will share 39.5 million SEK in funding to develop their ideas over a period of up to 18 months.

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  • Anpassningsbart kassasystem - Ancon, Lysekil
  • Mishmash – matchar skills med behov – Changers Group, Johanneshov
  • My Dream Now – Creador, Stockholm
  • Gigway - mobil arbetsgivare och jobbcoach – Cruitway, Stockholm
  • Letsgig – Jobb på lika villkor – Digital New Agency, Stockholm
  • EasyReader Share – Dolphin Computer Access, Falköping
  • Dyslexirond på arbetsplatser – Dyslexiförbundet, Sundbyberg
  • Virtuell arbetsträning för alla – Gleechi, Stockholm
  • Jobber – Iris Hadar, Stockholm
  • JOIN – Jobb Och Integration i Näringslivet – Lernia, Stockholm
  • Lingio – Yrkessvenska för alla – Lingio, Stockholm
  • Workplace GO – Misa, Solna
  • Online-verktyg för underhåll – Nodd, Uppsala
  • MMX4All Totalkonversation för alla – nWise, Solna
  • Passalen People – Good job! – Passalen Kungälv, Göteborg
  • Administrativt arbete med synnedsättning – Polar Print Försäljning, Luleå
  • Adhd-akuten – Psykologpartners W&W, Linköping
  • Short track to work – Stiftelsen Give it Forward, Stockholm
  • Verktyg för normoberoende rekrytering – Student Competitions, Stockholm
  • Instnt video screening – Tree of Pets, Täby
  • Personlighetstest med design för alla – WeCompose, Stockholm
  • Tillgängligt engagemang för ökad delaktighet – Volontärbyrån, Stockholm
  • Hello Talent! – Workbuster, Stockholm
  • Första jobbet finns hos dina grannar – Yepstr, Stockholm

More information:

PTS telephone for  för innovations competition: +468 678 55 52

Communications department:
Charlotte Aleman, telephone: +46 8-678 56 93,
e-post: charlotte.aleman@pts.se

Maria Hillborg, telephone: +4610-488 44 58,
e-post: maria.hillborg@arbetsformedlingen.se 

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