Stage 1 in the 700 MHz auction has concluded


Telia Sverige AB and Net4Mobility HB are the winning bidders after stage 1 of the auction in the 700 MHz band. The total sum of winning bids is SEK 2 824 594 446. Stage 2 of the auction decides the placement in the band, and will take place on December 11.

The Post and Telecom Authority is currently conducting an auction to assign spectrum in the 700 MHz band. Stage 1 of the auction, in which three bidders participated, has now concluded after 46 bidding rounds. A total of 40 MHz has been assigned, divided into three frequency licences.

The winning bidders, licences won and total bids are:

  • Telia Sverige AB has won one licence of 2×10 MHz FDD with a coverage obligation for
    SEK 1 382 657 650.
  • Net4Mobility HB has won two licences of 2×5 MHz FDD, at a price of SEK 720 968 398 each, i.e. a total of 2×10 MHz FDD for a total amount of SEK 1 441 936 796.

Hi3G Access AB also participated in the auction, without winning any frequency licences.

Stage 2 of the auction will take place on December 11. This stage decides the winning bidders’ placement in the band.

Once stage 2 ends PTS will publish the placement of the licences in the frequency band and the total amount of auction proceeds for stage 1 and stage 2 together.

For more information:

Karoline Boström, head of spectrum licensing section, +46 (0)73-644 56 20
The PTS Press Office, +46 (0)8 678 55 55