Consultation regarding conditions for local 5G licences


The purpose of licencing is to contribute to further deployment of 5G in Sweden.

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) has developed a proposal for conditions for local licences in the 3720–3800 MHz and 24.25–25.1 GHz bands. Local licences are intended to meet a need for frequencies identified in previous consultations with the market. Examples of applications are industries, mining, ports, warehouses and hospitals. The purpose of the conditions is to allow local applications in an efficient and robust manner, thereby enabling innovation and development, as well as contributing to further deployment of 5G in Sweden. The conditions aim to ensure spectrum efficient use in accordance with The Swedish Spectrum Strategy.

The authorisation of spectrum for local licences is planned to begin during 2021. After completion of the consultation, conditions and application procedure will be announced.

Consultation documents can be found here. (In Swedish only).