The way forward after court ruling on the termination of calls originating outside the EU/EEA


The Administrative Court has granted Hi3G’s (Tre) appeal regarding a maximum price for the termination of calls from outside the EU/EEA.

Mobile operator Tre has appealed against PTS' obligation ruling on the market for the termination of mobile phone calls. The appeal challenged the obligations to apply a certain maximum price when terminating calls that originate outside the EU/EEA.

On 3 October 2018, the Administrative Court granted Tre's appeal and explained that the obligations in question are not to apply to the termination of calls originating outside the EU/EEA. Click here to read the court ruling (only in Swedish).

PTS has decided not to appeal against the Administrative Court's ruling.

This matter will be handled by PTS as part of the authority's ongoing market analysis

PTS will handle the consequences of this ruling and the drawing up of future obligations regarding calls originating outside the EU/EEA within the framework of the authority's ongoing market analysis regarding the termination of landline and mobile calls. Consultations with other players on the market are planned to take place during the spring of 2019 regarding the drawing up of new obligation rulings for the markets in question and the EU commission will be notified during the autumn of 2019.

No supervisions regarding the obligations

Until the new obligation rulings have been made, PTS will not perform any supervisions regarding these obligations. In the event of any dispute regarding the current wording, PTS will observe the Administrative Court's ruling.

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