Regulatory amendments to enhance security of networks and services


The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) will propose new regulations to enhance the security of networks and services prior to the 5G roll-out. The proposal is an amendment to the existing secondary legislation on security measures for operational reliability, and will be the subject of public consultation in October. The proposal includes, for instance, risk assessment prior to procurement and documentation of contractors and their assignments.

Society is increasingly dependent on reliable electronic communications networks and services. The effects of security attacks, such as sabotage or other damage, may cause significant negative consequences for society. The upcoming 5G roll-out will further increase this dependency.

Public consultation in October

The proposed amendments of the regulation aim to, amongst other things, ensure that providers take security risks under consideration prior to procurement, and that they have control and traceability as regards assigned contractors.

The proposal will be subject to public consultation in October.