Getting broadband

How can I get broadband if I live in an individual house?

  • Find out if there is broadband in your area, for example, by using the PTS Broadband Card service. (Link)
  • Find out if you have broadband connection at your property. The easiest way of doing this is to contact your network or service provider. (Link)

How can I get broadband if I live in an apartment building?

The three most common ways in which to get broadband when you live in an apartment are:

  • via your telephone network (xDSL)
  • via fibre
  • via your cable/TV provider

Ask your landlord or housing association what options are available in your house.

Another possibility is to get a mobile broadband connection. For more information about this, contact the Swedish Telecom Advisors (Telekområdgivarna). (Link)

In urban areas, most telecom service providers offer broadband but in more rural areas, the options available are sometimes a bit more limited. Use the Broadband Map to see which service providers deliver broadband to your area. (Link)