Contacts with PTS

Problems with delivery of post

PTS has recently received an increasing number of complaints concerning the delivery of post. Most complaints relate to missing, undelivered or incorrectly delivered post.

Even if the majority of complaints concerns the services of PostNord, a growing number of complaints relate to the services of Bring CityMail.

The problems are largely due to a major change in the nationwide postal management throughout Sweden. As a result of the rapidly expanding e-commerce, the number of letters sent by post is fast being outdone by the number of parcels.

Having problems with your postal deliveries?

If you are having problems with postal deliveries in the area where you live then you must first of all contact your postal services operator. Below is a list of postal operators including contact details. (Link)

List of postal operators – February 9, 2018

Make a complaint against PTS

You are entitled to make a formal complaint to PTS. Please note, however, that PTS cannot intervene in individual consumer complaints but may, if deemed necessary, use such complaints as a basis for supervisory measures. 

If you want to file a complaint, by:


Telephone: 08 678 58 80, Tuesday 09:00-11:15 and Thursday 09:00-11:15.