Mobile coverage

The Swedish Government has set as a target that the entire Sweden should have access to a stable high-quality mobile service by 2023. Mobile networks are built and managed by network operators on the Swedish telecommunications market. Public efforts from for example PTS can be supplemented with measures where the market itself falls short. This includes, among other things, coverage requirements for licensing of frequencies to provide coverage that can help push network expansion beyond areas with a large customer base.

There are several things you can do to improve your mobile coverage:

  • Check the coverage offered by the different mobile phone companies before deciding on a supplier.
  • If possible, try out the mobile and telecommunications company you are thinking of signing up with. Some companies offer a ‘guaranteed coverage’ or ‘trial period’ subscription
  • Ask your friends, family and neighbours what mobile network they would recommend for the areas in which you live and work, etc. Which telecommunications service provider works best for them?
  • Do not assume that you get the same coverage if you change your mobile phone or telecommunications service provider. It might improve but can also become worse.
  • Choose the most appropriate mobile for you. Different mobile phones come with different types of radio receivers.
  • Use handsfree. Use handsfree to allow you to use your mobile phone at a short distance from your body.
  • Better reception outdoors. There is a big difference between the mobile reception indoors and outdoors, usually due to thick walls and similar which blocks or suppresses the signal.
  • Directional mobile antenna can help. If using your mobile in a fixed location such as in a holiday home, it often helps to use an external antenna signal booster.